(09/18/2021) This website was down for a while due to problems with our hoster during their hardware update. Fortunately, our streams were unaffected, so we've been on the air the whole time. What you're looking at is a backup website, however, all the information you need is right here and on our Facebook Page

Hot News! We're broadcasting live music nearly every evening starting around 7-8PM Eastern Time on the Main Stream!

The website is ba-a-a-ack! Radio InfoWeb is an idea that dates back to the invention of FreeForm Radio by Steve Post and Bob Fass (of WBAI in NYC), Dave Herman (WPLT NYC/ABC "Love Network"), and Manny Others (of Various), back in the late '60's and early 70's. Rex Latchford (our DJ then using a different air name at various NYC area stations, pirate and otherwise) saw early pre-computer automation systems, and immediately imagined a marriage. FreeForm radio music sets and programs created with loving care, and mixed with live segments allowing the DJ/Auteurs to focus on FreeForm goodness. That's what we started doing as Radio InfoWeb in 1994, when music streaming on the Internet first became practical. Soon Gus Mason, then Tyrone and others joined and we've been broadcasting ever since.

FreeForm Radio - as we define it - crosses all genre boundaries. Music is chosen to tell a story, or create a groove or feel. Whatever the DJ feels. There's not too much chatter, but it can crop up and either has a feel or meaning to it. FreeForm Radio is not on the clock. Music comes first, then the related content, and last of all, time and schedule. Thus, when Democracy Now! and other programs air, it's at an approximate time as the music and programming permit. We have news, journalism, and even some radio drama in the mix too! (The Fourth Tower of Inverness starts December 3rd)

A Radio InfoWeb innovation was to create a back-story for the station. It's not up-front - that's for the music and DJ's. The avid listener will start to pick up on it, though. In the meantime, sometimes we visualize our listeners as being on sleek inter-stellar or inter-galactic spaceships: in need of some cosmic music to accompany them on their journey. Our Chief Engineer, Dr. Octopus channels our programming in and out of the wormhole he created with wormhole creatures from his home Galaxies away. Thus, Radio InfoWeb is a mix of programming we've produced live, recorded, in the past, the present, and (subject to guarding against pollution of the time-line) the future.

We've sure had our downs in the past decade, and now it's time for some ups. We hope you'll be along for the ride as we continue evolve and provide music for your head on our audio digital bitstream. While construction continues, dig deeper into the hot throbbing mass of Radio InfoWeb! Dr. Octopus lives! In Master Control!

  • The previous version of the website.
  • Here's an audio introduction to Radio InfoWeb
  • Direct URL for the Main Stream: http://radioinfoweb.net:8000/main
  • Direct URL for the HD (256K Vorbis) stream: http://radioinfoweb.net:8000/studio1
  • For ALL the URLs, please see the "How to Listen" note on our Facebook page!

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