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More Programs!
  • Rex Latchford -- Radio InfoWeb's first DJ, his first radio shows were back in the '60s. Since then, Rex has done FreeForm Radio at a number of broadcast stations as well as here on Radio InfoWeb. Catch A Few of My Favorite Things as well as other programs Rex hosts here. Rex has DJ'd many commercial stations including the Pop, Country Western, as well as Progressive and FreeForm formats. He has a BS in Psychology from Plattsburgh State University.
  • Gus Mason -- Cybernaught Gus pilots the infinite reaches of Space in search of good sound. Before coming to Radio InfoWeb, Gus is also a DJ on an FM educational outlet in the NYC Metro area where he uses an assumed name.
  • Tyrone -- another dimension to the Radio InfoWeb sound. Great tunes! Tyrone is also a DJ on an educational station in the NYC Metro area using an assumed name.
  • Riff Raff -- can occasionaly be heard on Cryptic Cuts and Space Zepplin from Radio InfoWeb's early years. Riff holds a Phd in Psychology from McAllister University.

  • America On The Road -- Saturdays at 10AM ET
    Featuring the latest automotive news, trends, and personalities.

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