Day Parts

The day is scheduled out for New York Time. If you’re in a different timezone, it may not work out quite so well for you, and for this we apologize.


The ET clock starts at zero hours, and progresses from there…

00-05am – Late Night FreeForm Programming – more psychedelic, more FreeForm!

05-08am – Drive-Time – frequent news updates, info-breaks, features, and things to help wake you up and get you moving. Morning-friendly music.

08-09am – Morning Emissions – a daily live freeform program hosted by Rex Latchford. Rebroadcast at 8-9am PST.

09am-11am – Late Morning – fewer breaks, a more eclectic mix of music, and some chill-sets during the week for those trapped in cubicle-world. Occasional info-breaks.

11am-12noon – Rebroadcast of Morning Emissions.

12-01pm – Democracy Now! – the latest news in-depth and out of the mainstream.

01-06pm – Afternoon – a more eclectic mix of music, occasional chill sets, and occasional info-breaks.

06pm-00am – Evening – a mix more geared to serious partying for those lighting up, and expanding their consciousness. More psychedelic. Fewer breaks.


On weekends, the schedule is relaxed, so you can relax too! Content changes across dayparts remains pretty much the same, but there are relatively few interruptions to our music programming.


One thing that makes Radio InfoWeb a bit different is that it’s not pre-scheduled (except as above). All scheduling is done in real-time. Music, not the clock, is given top priority. Therefore, “scheduled programs” air “as soon as possible” after their scheduled time. Got that? Now that we’re on the same page…


See also: the “About” page with Credits. The mainstay DJ’s are Rex Latchford, Gus Mason, and Tyrone. These guys are on around-the clock. Semi-regular DJ’s include Riff Raff (“Cryptic Cuts”) and Treavor Hastings (“Sonic Shock Therapy”). Our stream meta-data indicates who’s presently on-the-air. Dr. Octopus also tweets what’s airing on our Twitter feed @radioinfoweb. If you know someone who would be a good long-term fit and would like to try-out as a RadioInfoWeb DJ, call or email us and let us know (our email address and phone number are announced on-air fairly frequently).

The Fourth Tower of Inverness:

  • The Fourth Tower has completed its’ most recent run. But don’t worry kids, it will be baaaaack!
  • The first run of The Fourth Tower on Radio InfoWeb began Monday, December 3rd, 2012.


  • Hourly, as early as 10 minutes before the hour, more likely some time after.
  • During the hours 7-9am Eastern (drive time in NY, wake-up time on the left coast) newscasts can be heard as often as 3 times per hour.


  • Weather forecasts can be heard during “Morning Emissions”

Democracy Now!

  • Amy Goodman’s labor of love starts as soon as possible after the top of the 2pm hour, NYC time, weekdays.

Last Updated 12/1/2013