Live Stream Program Schedule

Hi there, radio heads…

One thing that makes Radio InfoWeb a bit different is that it’s not pre-scheduled. All scheduling is done in real-time. Music, not the clock, is given top priority. Therefore, “scheduled programs” air “as soon as possible” after their scheduled time. Got that? Now that we’re on the same page…


Hourly, as early as 10 minutes before the hour, more likely some time after.

During the hours 7-9am Eastern (drive time in NY, wake-up time on the left coast) newscasts can be heard as often as 3 times per hour.


National weather coming real soon now during the morning and midday, and occasionally at other times.

Time Checks:

Time in minutes may be heard occasionally during the morning-midday, weekdays, Eastern Time. The intent is to provide this feature during morning hours in the Continental US.

Democracy Now!

Amy Goodman’s awesome production can be heard as early as 2pm ET, or whenever the current set ends, Mon-Friday


Other features can be heard on an irregular/regular basis. News, Time, Weather, Democracy Now! and time checks cannot be heard when the live feed is not working and/or has been interrupted.


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