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As Tyrone might say, here’s how the McCheese is made. Well, one way anyway. Sometimes I get together with Tyrone on IM, and we trade music links. Sometimes, they wind up as a radio segment. Here’s one that did, and I’ve promised myself to post these more often. So, enjoy these links, and enjoy the music on the Radio InfoWeb stream as well! If the links have gone bad (as they will with time), the music on the stream remains!

David Bowie “Stay” ’78 Adrian Belew

Tyrone really likes the way Adrian, as a very young man, rips this up! Bowie obviously concurs.

David Bowie “Rebel Rebel” Belew ’78

After that experience (above), I thought I’d try out one of my favorite Bowie oldies that brings back good memories. Here it is from the same live set on German TV.

Frank Zappa – City of Tiny Lites

Adrian Belew tries this out on a track on the InfoWeb set you’ll hear on the stream. It’s not included here. Adrian’s version gave me a taste for hearing composer Frank Zappa perform it…

Frank Zappa – City Of Tiny Lites (live 1980-10-25)
Buffalo (2007) live in Buffalo, NY, October 25th, 1980

Frank Zappa – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Steve Vai – Stunt Guitar & Background Vocals
Ray White – Vocals & Rythm Guitar
Ike Willis – Vocals & Rythm Guitar
Tommy Mars – Keyboards & Vocals
Bob Harris – Keyboards, Trumpet & High Vocals
Arthur Barrow – Bass & Vocals
Vinnie Colaiuta – Drums, Vocals

Of course, there are many other versions on YouTube. Feel free to listen to them all! :) – this gave me a taste of one of my favorite tongue-in-cheek Zappa tunes, so here it is…

Frank Zappa – The Illinois Enema Bandit

See you on the air! Hear you later? – Rex

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