Hi, Rex here with a webified version of “My Favorite Things”. In the early 1970’s I was well into my FreeForm radio thing, at a radio station in NY State near the border and Montreal, Canada. A radio station in Montreal, CHOM-FM was very progressive, and playing awesome music. I listened to it a lot. It was bi-lingual: the DJ’s slipped easily back and forth between French and English. I had learned to do the same, and started a television production company in Montreal with a native French speaker as my partner to produce bi-lingual TV ads. It was the heyday of Quebecoise music, and there was much to love about this local French phenomenon of prog rock sometimes called “Frog Rock”.

Perhaps my favorite Quebecoise band was Contraction. I got a chance to see them perform in Montreal. Their best album is difficult to find, and when you can, it’s usually expensive. But some of the tracks are available on YouTube for all of us to share (and they can be heard on my shows from time to time on Radio InfoWeb). Here’s a beautiful example of “Frog Rock” from Contraction (1972): “Delire”

Be sure to post your comments here if you enjoyed this beautiful tune!

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