A Man Should Never Gamble…

… more than he can stand to lose.

I played this recently in a show on Radio InfoWeb’s main stream. It was broadcast through the wormhole (the space/time conduit Radio InfoWeb uses to broadcast throughout the galaxy), so you’ll have the chance to hear it wherever and whenever you are…

I heard this originally in a live performance on WBAI way back before the NSA had instituted the surveillance state. WBAI was located in a former church, which provided a huge performance space. David Bromberg and his band played tunes like Diamond Lil, Mr. Bojangles, Tenessee Waltz, and more. I was hooked! Never had folky music sounded so psychedelic. Perhaps my ears were just chemically enhanced; you’ll have to be the judge. To this day, this tunes and others of Bromberg like it, seem to float in the air with a surreal pristine quality.

Here are a couple of other versions, found on YouTube:

David Bromberg LIVE At The Egg – Diamond Lil – Albany, NY

and this…

03 19 2011 David Bromberg And His Big Band Diamond Lil

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