Some Pre-Game Super Bowl Paranoia

As usual, YouTube is a trove of diamonds in the rough on the topic of False Flags, Illuminati, and Super Bowl warnings. How relevant? You decide. Here are some links to get your started:

Disturbing imagery with a catchy beat: SUPER BOWL XLVIII – Possible FALSE FLAG ATTACK & ILLUMINATI…


Super Bowl 2014 Harbinger! False Flag? …

Super Bowl busted as RIGGED by Hollywood? Will 2014 be the last?

Super Bowl 48 Behold a Pale Horse

Don’t Watch [Superbowl] XLVIII — Superbowl Occult Imagery

Attention Artists! Check what you’ve been missing: Putting misleading references to 9/11, the Illuminati, and Satanic Imagery could gain you a greater audience!

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