The Fourth Tower of Inverness Starts 12/25

Share the Christmas Gift that keeps on giving… at least for 14 weeks! The Fourth Tower of Inverness, the daily weekday psycho-spiritual fantasy serial starts Christmas day, December 25th. Join Jack, the Madonna Vampira, Little Freida, and the rest of the way-out denizens of Inverness as they once again go beyond the limits of mundane physical reality.

For air times on the main stream (only), listen for announcements and stay tuned to this website!

Note to those doing the math: The first two episodes will air Thursday, 12/25 and Friday, 12/26. The series will then start in earnest Monday, 12/29 to synchronize with the program. Most likely, the entire first week will also air as a half-hour (or so) special on Christmas Weekend.

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