Listen Links in Canada

If you’re located in or near Canada, you can stream Radio InfoWeb local to Canada for a better listening experience, and fewer glitches. The bits and bytes don’t have to travel as far, and so there are fewer potholes on the digital road between you and our radio manna.

The hostname will point to the server that currently provides the best service to Canada. The location and IP address of this host will change frequently. Do not attempt to use IP addresses to access Radio InfoWeb, as they will frequently change and become obsolete rapidly as our dynamic network continues to evolve.

The following links will work depending on your browser. Newer is better! If no players appear; click on the title. If that fails, go to the “How to Listen” page, linked above. More…

RadioInfoWeb World
(128K MP3)
(128K MP3)
Experimental Super HD
(256K Vorbis)
Mobile (low bandwidth)
(48K Ogg/Vorbis)
RadioInfoWeb Studio 2
(128K MP3)
Deep Space Chill
(96K Ogg/Vorbis)

Stream URLs

These URLs are optimized for listening in the continental U.S., but will work anywhere in the world. Use regional service links (see above) for possibly improved service on other areas of the globe.

Main Stream (128K MP3)

High Def - Highest Fidelity (256K Vorbis)

Mobile - low bandwidth (64K Vorbis)

Radio InfoWeb World (128K MP3)

Radio InfoWeb Studio2 (128K MP3)

Deep Space Chill (128K MP3)