Programming Notes 4/3/2013

News Programs

Radio InfoWeb continues to broadcast Democracy Now! At 2pm New York time. We’re also going to be airing Free Speech Radio Network news (the 1/2 hour version) in the evenings, floating for now. An official time will be set soon.

DayPage is a sort-of-daily capsule of freedom/privacy/liberty related news believed to be of interest to Radio InfoWeb listeners. It’s on hiatus at the time this was written, but kids… it’ll grow back!

KXP1 is located in Colorado, where recreational pot laws should be in place sometime after May 9th, paving the way for Medical Marijuana businesses to transition to retail outlets. KXP1 and DayPage will be covering the developments from the legal posturing, to the provisions made for “Pot Tourism” that will lead to increased revenues for state coffers, to the realities of a world where pot smokers don’t have to live in fear, and can shop for pot like any other product they buy at retail establishments.

KXP1 Freedom Radio

KXP1’s “Freedom Radio” stream is still sucking due to the software that runs it. Unfortunately, we, and you, will have to live with it a while longer. We wish it was as reliable as the software Dr. Octopus wrote for Radio InfoWeb! It’s so not. Nonetheless, we will be taking on regional program producers to help fill this stream and displace time now taken up by News and Liberty Radio.

Radio InfoWeb West

KXP1 is now originating “Radio InfoWeb West”. This is a variant of Radio InfoWeb where the morning “drive-time” is adjusted for the Left Coast (Pacific Time) as opposed to the main stream, that’s New York time. Radio InfoWeb West should be available as a stream very shortly. This feed DOES use Dr. Octopus’ software, and so we expect it to be extremely reliable.

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