Construction Affecting Power… and Other News

The InfoWeb Broadcasting Center is undergoing some construction this week (11/12 – 11/16) that could cause some brief power interruptions. This may cause occasional fallbacks to backup programming, and on the shoutcast feed that is also redistributed thru tunein and the iPhone app there may be occasional silence (because not all components in the chain can figure out there’s a problem).

This week we started streaming live on Live365 at 64k during the day hours. This has to be manually supervised in order to comply with Live365’s requirements. The stream is the same content as the 123k Shoutcast stream. If you’ve got bandwidth problems, try the (lower bandwidth) Live365 feed.

There are some exciting things on the way, in terms of Radio InfoWeb becoming available through some FM broadcast outlets. We can’t say much except they’re all West of the Mississippi.  Due to the time difference from NYC, it looks like we will be creating a new stream called “Radio InfoWeb West” or something like that. It will be essentially the same InfoWeb programming, with additional content like news, weather, and the like, tailored to the different time zone(s).

These changes mean we’ll be mixing it up with our various feeds, so stay tuned!

As always, we’re interested in hearing from you! Email us if you get a chance. We read and reply to your email as quickly as possible, usually in less than a day. The new iPhone app has one-button access to sending us email. For everyone else, the address is radio at infoweb dot net.


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