It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Don’t Make that Ding

Apologies to Duke Ellington.

You might have heard a new sound on the main program stream… “click ding”. It’s a new feature, and it sounds at :59 minutes past the hour in the morning and during the day (New York Time). It should reach your ear somewhere between :00 and :01 (after buffering at the server and your receiving device).

Because the main stream is programmed as a “super station” for people who like to keep a buzz on, we know you may have issues with keeping track of time. I know I do sometimes. Maybe even more often than that. I can get lost in work, in space, or both. It’s OK, Radio InfoWeb is on it. During the morning and afternoon, there are plenty of time checks, and the “ding” should help too, especially during those long sets. When you hear it, look up and if your clock doesn’t indicate the top of the hour, then what you’re hearing has gotten out of sync with real time. If you care (it’s OK if you don’t), you can resync by stopping the stream (not pausing), and then starting. If you’re listening through a web browser, you might have to refresh the page, or perhaps even close out the tab or window, and come all the way back in. It’s just a matter of how your browser handles audio streaming.

What’s a “super station? Glad you asked. It’s a classification that developed during the golden days of terrestrial (that is, not Internet) radio. A “superstation” is a station that “does it all” – News, Music, Time, Weather, Features, Public Service, and whatever else listeners might find handy. As I mentioned above, Radio InfoWeb’s main stream is programmed as a super station for people who like to keep a buzz on.

If “super” isn’t so “super” for you, then try tuning into Radio InfoWeb World. That’s a stream with the same music programming as the main stream, only minus all the “super station” stuff. It’s a little less lively, and it’s not tuned to the time of day (in New York City). It does have (approximately) hourly newscasts though, albeit from a darker and more questionable source (the US Government). This feed was also designed as a convenient pick-up and filler-inner for pirate or other terrestrial radio stations. Cool, huh?

On the other hand, we put the max TLC into the “main stream” including every effort to keep the fidelity as high as possible (so we won’t kill your buzz by paining your ears that way). The new 128/192K Vorbis stream does just that. Sweetness for your ears.

Thanks for listening! If you’d like to contact us, all you have to do is listen. The info is given out regularly for those who care.

See you ’round the Galaxy!

– Rex

Listen Links in Asia

If you’re located in or near Asia, you can stream Radio InfoWeb local to Asia (Tokyo, Japan) for a better listening experience, and fewer glitches. The bits and bytes don’t have to travel as far, and so there are fewer potholes on the digital road between you and our radio manna. The following links will work depending on your browser. Newer is better! If no players appear; click on the title. If that fails, go to the “How to Listen” page, linked above. More…

RadioInfoWeb World
(128K MP3)
(128K MP3)
Experimental Super HD
(256K Vorbis)
Mobile (low bandwidth)
(48K Ogg/Vorbis)
RadioInfoWeb Studio 2
(128K MP3)
Deep Space Chill
(96K Ogg/Vorbis)
Deep Space Chill II
(96K Ogg/Vorbis)

Stream URLs

These URLs are optimized for listening in the continental U.S., but will work anywhere in the world. Use regional service links (see above) for possibly improved service on other areas of the globe.

Main Stream (128K MP3)

High Def - Highest Fidelity (256K Vorbis)

Mobile - low bandwidth (64K Vorbis)

Radio InfoWeb World (128K MP3)

Radio InfoWeb Studio2 (128K MP3)

Deep Space Chill (128K MP3)

Testing a higher-fi stream…

We’re testing a higher-fi stream. You’re welcome to enjoy it too! It will become permanent in coming days.

It should be no problem on Android. On Windows or Mac, you may need to install the LAME CODECS (there are other ways to add Ogg/Vorbis as well). On iOS we suggest using the TuneIn player (which has the CODEC), and entering the URL (below) as a Bookmark or Favorite. The stream is in Vorbis format, at a bit rate of 192K. Vorbis is much more musical sounding than MP3 or AAC streaming CODECs. However, if your ears aren’t that sensitive, the regular MP3 stream may be fine. Most of us at Radio InfoWeb are musicians, so we’re picky about these things.


Amsterdam Server for Listeners in Europe

(128K MP3)
Mobile (low bandwidth)
(48K Ogg/Vorbis)
Deep Space Chill
(96K Ogg/Vorbis)
Freedom Radio KXP1
(48K Ogg/Vorbis)

Here are the URLs for entry into your phone or apps (we recommend Tunein for iOS and Android):

  • Main Stream:
  • Mobile Stream:
  • Chill Stream:
  • KXP1 Stream:

4 Streams 4 Your Head

There are four streams to choose from using the players on our main page:

Radio InfoWeb (Streaming Live from 1-A in NYC)

Deep Space Chill (Streaming Live from Space)

Radio InfoWeb KXP1 (Streaming Live from Boulder, CO)

Radio InfoWeb World (Streaming Live from G-32 in NYC)

  • Radio InfoWeb and Radio InfoWeb World feature freeform radio with a bias towards proggy and fusion music. Featuring Rex, Gus, Ashlar, and Tyrone.
  • KXP1-FM and is information for your head.
  • Deep Space Chill is dark ambient chill instrumental for projecting your consciousness into deep space.

Fourth Tower of Inverness Starts July 7th, 2014

The classic and uniquely Terran psycho-spiritual radio adventure series “The Fourth Tower of Inverness” will air beginning Monday, July 7th, 2014 in its original form: as a daily radio series. Each episode is in the 5-10 minute range, and will air weekdays mornings and evenings on Radio InfoWeb’s main radio stream at

The run of the series is 14 weeks. For more details, listen to Radio InfoWeb… the Galaxy’s Most Important Radio Network.

Experienced Earth-bound listeners can join extraterrestrial sentients, who may be listening for the first time.

Because it’s Very Chill in Deep Space

Experience with running “chill sets” during working weekdays indicated that a better way would be to have a 24hr Deep Space Chill stream. So that’s what we’ve done. You can listen via with your browser, or using the TuneIn App. Accept no substitutes! As a German listener told us: “Deep Space Chill is The Hammer“.

For your streaming player:

– or shortcut for phones, browsers –

This is not your mother’s Chill music. This is Deep Space Chill… because it’s very cold in deep space. Here are some of the parameters we’ve used for selecting the music you’ll find in rotating sets on the chill channel

  • Good for meditating, work, or spacing way out
  • Good for inter-stellar and inter-galactic space travel
  • No vocals. Vocalizations (you know, the “ethereal female” variety) are held to a strict minimum
  • No thumpa-thumpa Nazi duck-step music that pervades popular techno, house, and chill
  • An emphasis on “concrete” music (sorry to use a French word, but that’s the best one)
  • De-emphasis of beat-orientation, pop-orientation, and even melody orientation
  • Mostly down-tempo; as is our wont, tempo and other qualities are modulated into arcs to produce an organic and/or spacey ebb and flow. Dig it!
  • Some jazz flavor is allowed
  • Some exceptions have sneaked in, but we allowed them for various reasons including variety (and the limited amount of music that meets our specs)

Need help and don’t have our contact number? Tune into our main stream and listen for our contact info. Then call, text, or email and we’ll be glad to help.

For chill on the mainstream (the main Radio InfoWeb stream), there are shows in the mix that includes “Music from the Minds of Space” and others that provides sets of music with a similar sensibility.

As always, we really appreciate your feedback. Feel free to call, text, or email us anytime. To find out how, all you have to do is listen! [To limit spam, we don’t post much contact information on the website. We are, after all, a radio station first, a website second.]


Listen: Radio InfoWeb WEST!

The Radio InfoWeb West feed is alive in test mode… and we welcome you to listen in! Here’s the link:

Radio InfoWeb West

We will be testing a number of formats, but most of the time, it will be a high-quality Ogg Vorbis (sounds better than MP3) stream, so if you’re using an old browser, like Internet Explorer, you may be out of luck. Most up-to-date HTML5 capable browsers can access the URL directly.

Tell us what you think! Leave a comment here, or use one of the regular channels we mention regularly on the audio stream(s).

Note: It’s a test stream, so it may be down at times, or may be simulcasting the main stream (we’ll try to do that if possible when Radio InfoWeb West is down).

Radio InfoWeb West is originating from our Denver, CO facility where Dr. Octopus (our Chief Engineer) is presently located.

Construction Affecting Power… and Other News


The InfoWeb Broadcasting Center is undergoing some construction this week (11/12 – 11/16) that could cause some brief power interruptions. This may cause occasional fallbacks to backup programming, and on the shoutcast feed that is also redistributed thru tunein and the iPhone app there may be occasional silence (because not all components in the chain can figure out there’s a problem).

This week we started streaming live on Live365 at 64k during the day hours. This has to be manually supervised in order to comply with Live365’s requirements. The stream is the same content as the 123k Shoutcast stream. If you’ve got bandwidth problems, try the (lower bandwidth) Live365 feed.

There are some exciting things on the way, in terms of Radio InfoWeb becoming available through some FM broadcast outlets. We can’t say much except they’re all West of the Mississippi.  Due to the time difference from NYC, it looks like we will be creating a new stream called “Radio InfoWeb West” or something like that. It will be essentially the same InfoWeb programming, with additional content like news, weather, and the like, tailored to the different time zone(s).

These changes mean we’ll be mixing it up with our various feeds, so stay tuned!

As always, we’re interested in hearing from you! Email us if you get a chance. We read and reply to your email as quickly as possible, usually in less than a day. The new iPhone app has one-button access to sending us email. For everyone else, the address is radio at infoweb dot net.