Testing a higher-fi stream…

We’re testing a higher-fi stream. You’re welcome to enjoy it too! It will become permanent in coming days.

It should be no problem on Android. On Windows or Mac, you may need to install the LAME CODECS (there are other ways to add Ogg/Vorbis as well). On iOS we suggest using the TuneIn player (which has the CODEC), and entering the URL (below) as a Bookmark or Favorite. The stream is in Vorbis format, at a bit rate of 192K. Vorbis is much more musical sounding than MP3 or AAC streaming CODECs. However, if your ears aren’t that sensitive, the regular MP3 stream may be fine. Most of us at Radio InfoWeb are musicians, so we’re picky about these things.

URL: http://streamhub.radioinfoweb.net:8000/studio1