In Case You Missed It: Greenwald on Democracy Now!

The fear mongering about terrorist threats isn’t ringing true based on past history: when the US Federal Government doesn’t get its way on “Terrorism” as an excuse for control or spying, it stages a “terrorist threat” to try to change the narrative. This was covered in today’s DayPage:

Also, on Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! Glenn Greenwald, the journalist at The Guardian who help break Snowden’s documents, talks about the hypocrisy evident in the latest claims of a “terrorist threat”.



DayPage: 1010WINS has cajones

On today’s DayPage, I went off on the subject of 1010WINS, a scrappy little radio station in Northern ‘Joisey that’s been delivering “All News, All the Time” since the 1960’s. On this post, I’ll go a bit further into the story of WINS – a fixture of the New York Metro Area – than time allowed for in the DayPage segment.

Listen to DayPage for 7/11/2013 “All News All the Time”

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In DayPage, I also talk about the teletype sound effect that has comforted some New Yorkers and enraged others (see this NYTimes article). I for one like it, but surely there are generations now listening to 1010 WINS who were born after the contraptions became obsolete.

Here’s a WINS audio clip with the way the station sounded in 1978, and more background on the station.

I don’t know about the inner workings at WINS, but it seems they have their fair share of characters. I used to hear Judy DeAngelis mornings, sounding like she’d just smoked a carton of Kent cigarettes, but the more recent time I heard her, it sounded like she’d given up smoking. This is only conjecture based on how her voice sounded, and my overactive imagination.

You can read more about WINS in this Wikipaedia Article and you can listen to the station on their home page.