Study: 71% of Mainstream Media News is Terror

In random samples of BBC News and NPR News radio news capsules, over 1 week following the attacks in France, we found 71% of the time was spent on stories related to the so-called terrorist attacks. The vast majority of this coverage was repetitive and contained nothing substantively new. 98% of the content consisted of parroting information provided by or stated by government officials, and no questions were asked.

We give the media studied a failing grade for not carrying out their jobs as news organizations and not asking a single question. We can only conclude the news organizations studied have become part of a propaganda machine in no longer executing on their journalistic functions.

The study was conducted unscientifically and with a small sample. However, we expect a scientifically conducted survey would provide similar results.

– Rex

Putting an End to Terror

The news media have really gone over the top with the terror reporting in the wake of the shootings in France. So far over the top, that it reeks of propaganda, and excuse to further curtail the rights and privacy of the common man, or, worst of all, a false flag in advance of global marshal law.

As a result, Radio InfoWeb has taken the extreme measure of halting news broadcasts until the terrorists (the governments and news media) stop it already with the harping on alleged terrorist threats.

What we’ll do in addition is prepare newscasts with the propaganda and terrorism removed, and in the interests of transparency and full disclosure, we’ll note in these newscasts exactly what was removed, but without all the fear mongering. These terror-free newscasts will be broadcast on a reduced schedule.

Just say “no” to the buzz kill of incessant fear mongering and propaganda. Listen to Radio InfoWeb!

In the meantime, we urge the mainstream news media to “get a grip”, and suggest that Donald Trump buy-out “ISIS”, and become an American hero (LOL).

– Rex

P.S. Democracy Now! will continue to run at its scheduled time, 2pm ET weekdays.

UPDATE: The intense fear-mongering subsided after about two and a half weeks, and we were able to return to a normal news schedule. Low-level fear-mongering continues, of course, as part of the War on Citizens.