Shovelling Music

~ BE st shoveling music EVA !!!!! I hope to shovel more and have victory ale with my cheap head phones ~ Turning to the busy street near driveway mouth ~ Playing air shovel, in the present ~ Showing them my swirlie heavy psych swagger ~ Winter 2014 ~ WOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ~ Going out now to prep for the flakes ~best workout just take it slow and swirlie ~

Morning Emissions

Morning Emissions is 60 minutes of news followed by freeform radio goodness.

Here’s a transcript of this morning’s Morning Emission:

Good Morning! It’s Wednesday, February 12th, and there’s only one more shopping day left before Valentines Day. It’s getting down to the wire… are you ready?
The planet’s surface has been warming up a tad… more on that in a few moments… Mincka, Peter Patriot, and I remain bound in the period where we can’t produce DayPages in time for broadcast, but you can still find them at The do-nothing congress gone done something – they raised the debt limit. How dandy for them. Ice skating at Sochi sparks war between the US and Canada. A 25 year study of 90,000 women finds no impact of mammography on deaths. Food industries go to war over sweeteners. And Barbie makes the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Speaking of real, Weather is next on Radio InfoWeb mornings…

[sorry, no transcript of the weather forecast :) ]

One more way we help gently pry your eyes open in the morning. Check it out on the audio stream…

How Windows 8 Spies On You

[Updated: Not that Windows 7 is so safe either…]

I’m doing research on this topic. Actually, I’m about to release a document that spells out some of the many ways Windows 8 spies on you in ways that strongly infer the information collected is passed on to NSA as well as commercial interests. All without your knowledge, and all with misleading verbiage as you are prompted to open yourself up to more invasive spying.

Before I do release what I have personally uncovered, I’m looking for other published material on the topic. Please add your comments to this post!!!

The following video doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface:

Windows 7 is said to be spying on you also:

Some Pre-Game Super Bowl Paranoia

As usual, YouTube is a trove of diamonds in the rough on the topic of False Flags, Illuminati, and Super Bowl warnings. How relevant? You decide. Here are some links to get your started:

Disturbing imagery with a catchy beat: SUPER BOWL XLVIII – Possible FALSE FLAG ATTACK & ILLUMINATI…


Super Bowl 2014 Harbinger! False Flag? …

Super Bowl busted as RIGGED by Hollywood? Will 2014 be the last?

Super Bowl 48 Behold a Pale Horse

Don’t Watch [Superbowl] XLVIII — Superbowl Occult Imagery

Attention Artists! Check what you’ve been missing: Putting misleading references to 9/11, the Illuminati, and Satanic Imagery could gain you a greater audience!