TuneIn Now Displays Program Info


TuneIn (http://tunein.com) now displays who’s currently DJ’ing, and (possibly) various related program information.

Now the fine print. There are limitations, all related to TuneIn.

  • The desktop view shows what’s currently on, and what was on previously
  • The iOS app will display what’s on when Radio InfoWeb is in your list of favorites, or in a list of search results. It will NOT show while you’re listening.
  • The ‘droid app hasn’t been tested for this yet.

On mobile phones, you may get better fidelity (at the cost of greater bandwidth) if you listen via your web browser. More details on our measurements of this later. On mobile connections (non-WiFi), you may not be able to stream via your browser, in which case you need the TuneIn app!

Happy Listening!

Welcome to the blog, circa 2012

This is not our first blog attempt, but I hope it’s our best!

Some brief rules, mainly to control spam:

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We will attempt to make this blog most usable by making full use of “categories”.

Some important categories:

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