Android App Underway…

App development for Android is finally underway. We’re looking for Alpha Testers… contact us if you’re interested! Alpha testers will get immediate access to the app in its’ present form. Contact info is regularly given on the air, or you can contact us via Facebook, Twitter, and this Blog. As you may know, we’ve had an IOS app available free for sometime now.

The first Android wave will be similar to the IOS app.

The second wave will use alien software technology to allow you to listen even during those times when you have no Internet connection!

“Happy” Becomes a Protest Song

“Happy” seems to have made the jump to an unexpected global anthem for citizens living under troubled regimes. First came the Philippines, a country still picking up the pieces from Typhoon Haiyan. Soon, one followed from Tunis, still reeling from the aftershocks of the Arab Spring. And then another from Moscow. While not a “protest” song in its traditional sense, Pharrell’s “Happy” has taken on a politically charged meaning as an anthem of international resilience.

It’s crowning moment as an international protest anthem came late last month when two Polish filmmakers used it as a soundtrack to a viral video of violent clashes between Ukrainian citizens and government forces intercut with protestors in Kiev dancing. It is haunting to see protesters in Kiev dancing among barricades and answering frankly what would make them happy. “To be happy I need the Ukraine to be free,” one woman answered.

Top ‘o the hat to PolicyMic

Happy New Year Begins w/ Live Legalized Pot Sale Coverage

Happy New Year! For some more than others. We’re covered the beginning of legal pot sales in Colorado live this morning. People have flocked from all over the country for this start. But just how legal is it, and can you keep your job if you start toking?

Stay tuned to Radio InfoWeb for good tuneage for your head as you stay informed on the legalization.

Those wanting to score in the Denver area had to contend with two hours in line or more. Radio InfoWeb provides programming aimed at listeners who have a buzz on, and if those on line pictured below wanted an easier wait, they could have been tuned into Radio InfoWeb on their smartphones… Crowds were well behaved, as you would expect for pot smokers. At this location some 15 miles North of Denver, and about 10 miles East of Boulder, three private security types had no trouble managing the crowd. No police were in evidence. Inside the industrial strip building, card tables, laptops, cash registers, were about all that were needed to do the deals. This was the most stripped-down, and least retail-like location our reporter (courtesy saw. Many of the retailers in Denver feature lavish sales rooms and displays, as well as longer lines. The location pictured is closest to Boulder and students at UC-Boulder.
Cars provided a security blockade, but wasn’t necessary given the well behaved crowd that stretched the length of the industrial strip building, around the corner, and down the street.
Here’s a view from the parking lot of the two-hour wait-for-weed where the line stretched beyond the building housing the pot retailer, and out into the street.

This view from the street shows the tail-end of the two hour wait for weed. Lines were considerably longer in Denver, where would-be customers had to navigate a much more dense, urban landscape while queuing to score their stash. No word on how many were listening to Radio InfoWeb on their smartphones as they waited.

Watching Me: Guardian Editor Alan Rushbridger on Democracy Now!

Sorry for the short notice… this will air in just a few minutes! LISTEN to this promo… featuring Jill Scott’s tune “Watching Me”


Spilling the NSA’s Secrets: Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger on the Inside Story of Snowden Leaks – a full hour on Democracy Now! at 2PM Eastern on Radio InfoWeb.


In Case You Missed It: Greenwald on Democracy Now!

The fear mongering about terrorist threats isn’t ringing true based on past history: when the US Federal Government doesn’t get its way on “Terrorism” as an excuse for control or spying, it stages a “terrorist threat” to try to change the narrative. This was covered in today’s DayPage:

Also, on Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! Glenn Greenwald, the journalist at The Guardian who help break Snowden’s documents, talks about the hypocrisy evident in the latest claims of a “terrorist threat”.