Android App Underway…

App development for Android is finally underway. We’re looking for Alpha Testers… contact us if you’re interested! Alpha testers will get immediate access to the app in its’ present form. Contact info is regularly given on the air, or you can contact us via Facebook, Twitter, and this Blog. As you may know, we’ve had an IOS app available free for sometime now.

The first Android wave will be similar to the IOS app.

The second wave will use alien software technology to allow you to listen even during those times when you have no Internet connection!

Because it’s Very Chill in Deep Space

Experience with running “chill sets” during working weekdays indicated that a better way would be to have a 24hr Deep Space Chill stream. So that’s what we’ve done. You can listen via with your browser, or using the TuneIn App. Accept no substitutes! As a German listener told us: “Deep Space Chill is The Hammer“.

For your streaming player:

– or shortcut for phones, browsers –

This is not your mother’s Chill music. This is Deep Space Chill… because it’s very cold in deep space. Here are some of the parameters we’ve used for selecting the music you’ll find in rotating sets on the chill channel

  • Good for meditating, work, or spacing way out
  • Good for inter-stellar and inter-galactic space travel
  • No vocals. Vocalizations (you know, the “ethereal female” variety) are held to a strict minimum
  • No thumpa-thumpa Nazi duck-step music that pervades popular techno, house, and chill
  • An emphasis on “concrete” music (sorry to use a French word, but that’s the best one)
  • De-emphasis of beat-orientation, pop-orientation, and even melody orientation
  • Mostly down-tempo; as is our wont, tempo and other qualities are modulated into arcs to produce an organic and/or spacey ebb and flow. Dig it!
  • Some jazz flavor is allowed
  • Some exceptions have sneaked in, but we allowed them for various reasons including variety (and the limited amount of music that meets our specs)

Need help and don’t have our contact number? Tune into our main stream and listen for our contact info. Then call, text, or email and we’ll be glad to help.

For chill on the mainstream (the main Radio InfoWeb stream), there are shows in the mix that includes “Music from the Minds of Space” and others that provides sets of music with a similar sensibility.

As always, we really appreciate your feedback. Feel free to call, text, or email us anytime. To find out how, all you have to do is listen! [To limit spam, we don’t post much contact information on the website. We are, after all, a radio station first, a website second.]


Listen: Radio InfoWeb WEST!

The Radio InfoWeb West feed is alive in test mode… and we welcome you to listen in! Here’s the link:

Radio InfoWeb West

We will be testing a number of formats, but most of the time, it will be a high-quality Ogg Vorbis (sounds better than MP3) stream, so if you’re using an old browser, like Internet Explorer, you may be out of luck. Most up-to-date HTML5 capable browsers can access the URL directly.

Tell us what you think! Leave a comment here, or use one of the regular channels we mention regularly on the audio stream(s).

Note: It’s a test stream, so it may be down at times, or may be simulcasting the main stream (we’ll try to do that if possible when Radio InfoWeb West is down).

Radio InfoWeb West is originating from our Denver, CO facility where Dr. Octopus (our Chief Engineer) is presently located.

Intro to Radio InfoWeb on Live365 – 101

Most of our listeners aren’t on Live365. Why do we persist there? One reason is historical; there was a time when it was our only option due to the dynamics of Internet Broadcasting at the time. Another is that Live365 is an audience unto itself. Live365 attracts listeners we don’t attract elsewhere.

Live365 is a pain in the butt. It forces us to accept ads. It forces use to comply with rigid requirements that aren’t compatible with our (lack of) “format”.

As a result, our Live365 stream sounds different. It sounds very much like Radio InfoWeb would sound on a commercial FM station. Which has been the case in the past, and is likely to occur again in the future. In fact, if you’d like your local FM station to carry our programming all the time, or, more likely, some of the time (in the past Radio InfoWeb was used to fill up time the station couldn’t), have them contact us!

On Live365, Radio InfoWeb sounds a bit softer and not quite as sonically cohesive, both because of those ads, and due to the pressure the music industry exerts on Live365. Live365 presents strong disincentives to play music that’s not licensed by ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, RIAA, etc.

The Live365 stream is lower-bandwidth at 64K, so it’s lower fidelity but more compatible with the variety of devices Live365 supports, and the Internet connections they’re likely to have.

An finally, if none of the other reasons for our stream have touched you yet… it’s an alternative. If you don’t like what’s on the main stream, you can always tune into Live365 for something a bit different.

PS – Those commercials benefit us this much: ZERO — Live365 claims it helps support THEM — but we all know this simply means Live365 is totally in the thrall of “big music”… and funneling the money (and the mother lode of personal and music listening info) thataway.


TuneIn Now Displays Program Info


TuneIn ( now displays who’s currently DJ’ing, and (possibly) various related program information.

Now the fine print. There are limitations, all related to TuneIn.

  • The desktop view shows what’s currently on, and what was on previously
  • The iOS app will display what’s on when Radio InfoWeb is in your list of favorites, or in a list of search results. It will NOT show while you’re listening.
  • The ‘droid app hasn’t been tested for this yet.

On mobile phones, you may get better fidelity (at the cost of greater bandwidth) if you listen via your web browser. More details on our measurements of this later. On mobile connections (non-WiFi), you may not be able to stream via your browser, in which case you need the TuneIn app!

Happy Listening!

The Never Ending Assault on Internet Radio

I received the email quoted below today. It’s from Tim Westergren, the founder of Pandora. No, I’m not special; if you have an account with Pandora, you probably got one of these too.

To me the letter pointed out that the war with the greedy lawyers at ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, RIAA, etc. is not over for Internet Broadcasters. Like government, there is no limit to how far these guys will go to exercise their greed. Wait, they write the laws and hand them over to the politicians to be enacted, so they’re worse! I’ll stop my rant now, and explain how those guys are not only greedy, but thieves, in a future blog either here or over at…

For now, I’d just like to repost the email as a reminder, in case you ignored it in your inbox. What Tim is complaining about affects Radio InfoWeb too, as well as all other Internet Broadcasters.

Hi there,

This is Tim, the founder of Pandora.

I am writing to ask for your urgent help. An important piece of legislation has just been introduced in Congress that could end long-standing discrimination against Internet radio. I’m asking that you contact your Senator to urge them to support the Internet Radio Fairness Act.

This bipartisan bill will correct the incredible inequity in how different digital radio formats are treated under the law when it comes to setting royalties. The difference is quite extraordinary. In 2011, Pandora paid over 50% of our revenues in performance royalties, while SiriusXM paid less than 10%.

As a lifelong musician, I’m fully supportive of artist compensation, but this situation can’t continue. Internet radio is bringing millions of listeners back to music, and is playing the songs of tens of thousands of promising artists who would otherwise never be heard. It should be given a fair chance to succeed.

To voice your support for this initiative, please reach out to your Senator today and say you support the Internet Radio Fairness Act, bill number 3609.

Senator: Charles Schumer
Click here to email:

If you’d like more information about the Internet Radio Fairness Act you can learn more here.

It’s crucial that Congress hears from fans of Internet radio today. Thanks for your support, and thanks for being a loyal listener.
Tim Westergren

Tim Westergren
Founder, Pandora